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Spirits Lifted

Being an esthetician means trying new things constantly. Aysta N° 1 stopped me in my tracks. I love this skin mist! Not only does it have such a unique aroma, but it does fantastic things for my skin. I’ve noticed a dewiness and clarity since I started using it, and as a bonus it makes everything around me smell amazing!

Looking at the label and understanding what is in it is another reason to use it. No chemicals, compounds or anything unnatural! Only ingredients that truly benefit the skin. My clients will now be enjoying this in every single facial. I cannot say enough good things about it!

-Emily Flynn
Owner/Esthetician, The Beauty Nook

I just got the package a few days ago. AMAZING! Beautiful product!! My face and my bad attitude always feel so nice and refreshed after a spritz. I can tell it was made with love!

– Jason Wright-Concierge
Solage Resort Calistoga

I absolutely LOVE the Aysta N° 1. I was getting my makeup done once at the NARS counter and was recommended to use the Evian H20 spray and whipped out my Aysta N° 1. The makeup artist went nuts for it! This elixir is the bomb!

– Beth Protass
Wardrobe Stylist

Many years ago, I hopped into my friend’s car after a particularly crushing day at work and immediately felt happy and centered. “Why does your car smell like the most delicious spa EVER?” I demanded. She produced this spray in an elegant blue bottle and misted me afresh… Heaven.

A few weeks later on a film shoot, I hugged the same friend and had a difficult time ending the embrace. She produced this spray again and misted me into a potent reverie. Aysta N° 1, as I have come to know the magical spray in the blue bottle, is my go to for an immediate mood enhancement. For me, it’s yoga and meditation in a bottle. It has a heaping helping of health and beauty benefits too.

As far as I’m concerned, Aysta N° 1 is a game changer in the health and beauty world, and I am excited to share it with my friends and family.

– Lisa Feldman
Film Producer

I was given Aysta N° 1 by my friend four months ago and have been wearing it daily ever since. I love the subtlety of the fragrance. It is not overpowering and most people do not ask me “what perfume are you wearing” but rather just tell me how wonderful I smell. I work in a hospital and we are discouraged from wearing any kind of perfume at work since fragrances can exacerbate patient conditions. However, since I still wish to smell great at work, this spray is absolutely perfect for me. My patients find the smell very light, clean, and refreshing and not the least bit irritating.

In addition, I am very health conscious and am always concerned with what I am putting in and on my body. I prefer to use pure essential oils on my skin in place of commercial perfumes which contain toxic chemicals that have been shown to harm our vital organs. Since our skin is our body’s largest organ, I am adamant about only using 100% natural and organic products on my skin at all times. Aysta N° 1 ingredients are just that, all natural and organic.

The spray contains three prime ingredients, witch hazel, lavender, and amber, each offering numerous medicinal, therapeutic, cosmetic, and aromatherapy benefits. I absolutely LOVE this product and how it has helped me to feel more empowered and confident. Thanks Chris for sharing your gift with us!

– Sarah
Registered Nurse, Madison Wisconsin

Thirteen years ago when I first smelled Chris’ elixir I thought “What is that breath of fresh air?” We often work out of the back of motor homes and it can get stinky and funky back there. That mist just cleared out the bad smells and energy and refreshed us all! She has given me several bottles over the years and I have used them generously to refresh my face, my dogs and linens.

Naturally, being a hair stylist, I thought the ingredients are so mild why not try it in hair? Now I keep it at my station on every job. It’s like a sip of water for the hair and it allows me to refresh the style without washing, blowing, resetting etc. It adds just a touch of texture. I am so excited after years of using this elixir that it is finally available to all. The research that I have seen on the ingredients blows my mind. I want to drink and bathe in this stuff! And that’s from the heart, baby!!

– Yvette Rivas
Celebrity Hair Stylist and Head of the Hair Department