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Chris Aysta

Wardrobe stylist to the film industry for over two decades, Chris lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, Dwane, and their ridiculously yummy son. It is no surprise that she has been pulled laughing, and humbly incredulous, into the health and wellness arena. We were all begging for it for years.

Chris always had her little blue bottles at work on the film set. Secretly, she’d often slip them into bags and purses, only for crew members to get home and see a blue bottle roll out of their bag. It was a common sight to see folks lingering near her dressing rooms, casually holding up the wall while they soaked up the ineffable feelings of well being that always surrounded her space. There was always a demand for “that Aysta N° 1 spray,” and now there is a continuous supply without having to rely on a surprise bottle rolling out of your purse (though, that still happens).

The take-away that you need to know most about Chris Aysta is this: she wants only love, joy and health for all, and her offering of this is through Aysta N° 1.

Enjoy and be well.